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Offering quality & affordable 

services for all your 

nail care needs

We use top leading brands for our services

Come on in and enjoy an amazing massage on our luxury  spa chairs.

You will feel rejuvenated and satisfied.


Please call or click here to book an appointment.





Massaging Spa Chair


Beauty Lounge offers one of the best spa chairs in the industry. Come on in and enjoy an amazing shiatsu massage on our spa chair. The magnetic jet pipeless technology ensures the cleanest experience possible with removable components that can be taken apart and sanitized.  





Special Packages

We offer a variety of special packages for nails and waxing that are available year-round. Please click on the link for more information.


Also, remember to check out our promotions. 



Top brands


We use top leading brands for all of our services.  


Choose from brands like OPI, Creative Nail Design (CND), China Glaze, Essie, IBD and Bio-Sculpture. 



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